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Are you completely tired because of multiple clicks while executing diverse functions on your computer? Have you become someone who shies away from doing all those repetitive data entry tasks? Well, you might as well be that gaming geek who is always playing in his room and feeling completely out of this world, literally! Then this application can be of use to you- GS Auto Clicker.

GS Auto Clicker is one such application developed for Windows to create the monotonous task of multiple clicking, just a simple task for you. It is the most suitable for all the choices to customize the frequency and intermission of your clicks as per the nature of the task you are going to use. Just to add one more feather to the cap of this application, it has the facility to record all the desirable sequences of operations.

The clicks can be adjusted in hours, minutes, seconds, or milliseconds, and the software can be set to click until it stops or perhaps to click a specified number of times. for. It has an easily manageable interface that can be controlled even if you are a novice. It comes with a hotkey set to F8 by default, which can be changed according to your desire.

So, whether you’re a software engineer, god-in-the-know, hundreds of UI elements waiting to be tested for some upcoming software, a data entry operator with complex operations to be entered, or a prodigious gamer – you’ve got to. No need to worry, as GS Auto Clicker will make all those difficult tasks with some ease. Following is the list of benefits that can be availed by using GS Auto Clicker.

Features of GS Auto clicker

  • It allows you to record the sequence of the mouse and utilize it as needed.
  • Your system’s memory uses much less space than a disc.
  • It provides default hotkeys with a choice to change them easily.
  • It has a smart click function that aids the user to guide to the old order of clicks that has ever been used.
  • Fully free to download.
  • Simple user-friendly interface with an easily accessible program.

GS Auto Clicker Download

Downloading and Installing GS Auto clicker on your Windows PC

  • Download the software from the official website of GS Auto Clicker –
  • After that, install it on your device.
  • Double click on it to start it.
  • To begin utilizing it along with other apps, navigate to the particular program you like to use and press F8 to begin your auto-clicking journey.
  • If you are not satisfied using the default F8 hotkey, you can change it accordingly.
  • Simply, go to Options, then click on the Settings option, select Hotkeys, click any preferred key you want to convert to a hotkey, and click on the OK tab.

How to Automate HotKeys?

  • Click on the multiple clicks item on the submenu of the Options menu, which is present under the recording items options.
  • Click to tick the “Record and replay multiple clicks” box in the record multiple clicks dialog box.
  • Further, choose the “Pick Point” tab in the same multiple-click dialog box for the following step.
  • Select the Esc tab to choose the point you want to click.
  • Click on the “OK” button to end the recording process of the desired points.
  • Begin your automatic clicking journey utilizing HotKeys.

GS Auto clicker Alternatives:

Auto clicker by Polar/ Free Auto clicker

Free Auto Clicker is a Windows PC software that arrives free of charge for its user to automate mouse clicks. Its basic trait is to aid its users, and most gamers have to click faster. Auto Clicker can also be used to automate repeated mouse-clicking movements, i.e., to pre-set the required number of clicks and their interval.

Free Auto Clicker download allows users to configure the settings so that clicks occur during a certain order and at a predetermined speed. This ability is beneficial to gamers who enjoy combat and incremental games. It presents you with an option to automate your clicks at a particular spot or to auto-click following a certain specified path. One can easily select to automate the number of clicks, whether single, double, triple, or much more desirably.

Auto Clicker by Shocker

Like any other auto clicker, this auto clicker from Shocker aids you automate the number of clicks or any redundant tasks. Another advantage of utilizing this auto clicker is that one can set the time for the click and even freeze the information at an exact location. Further, it is up to you whether you like to keep the auto clicker visual or not. Because of its system-friendliness, it doesn’t even ask for much disc space. It is a total time saver and its shortcut keys. The only significant drawback of this program is its ancient interface which may not impress everyone.


TinyTask is another winner when it arrives at the list of good auto clickers. It has a basic and easy-to-use interface, which can be utilized by anyone. This means, even if you are using Auto Clicker for the first time, you have nothing to worry about it. It is consolidated and customizable. It also permits the user to make macros by sharing presets with the schedule. Though it lacks a complete help section, it offers quite a good response time when it comes to its functions.


MacroMaker is a cooperative app when we use music click and click automation. When you feel that your fingers are about to stop clicking excessively and other miscellaneous tasks or operations switch to the Macromaker, it makes your work child’s play. It is fully free to utilize and download and allows the user to schedule his own tasks. While the only drawback of this amazing app is that it is not beginner-friendly.

OP Auto Clicker

The user of OP Auto Clicker can control the number of clicks to be made. The edge of the mouse button can also be selected to the left or right depending on your ease. You can set up an infinite number of automatic clicks utilizing this lightweight utility program. It can be easily taken advantage of by both beginners and professional people.


Q. Is GS Auto clicker safe?

Ans. Yes, GS Auto Clicker has a secure, user-friendly interface. It has been tested to be completely virus-free. It is not a malicious program at all.

Q. Which is the best Auto clicker for Mac OS users?

Ans. Murray is the best industrialization utility for Mac users. It gives the user the ability to easily automate his clicking and recurring tasks. It can be used on a free trial basis, and if you wish, you can buy it officially to begin utilizing its benefits.

Q. What is an Auto clicker used for?

Ans. An auto clicker is a program that is designed to create a tedious task that relies on many repetitive commands easy and less time-consuming. It helps the user by documenting the actions and utilizing them by automatic hotkeys installed by the user himself.

Q. Which is the fastest auto clicker?

Ans. SpeedAutoclicker is the most rapid auto clicker with a lightweight structure. It does not need setup or installation. It only needs to be downloaded and extracted from the file folder. It is known to click about 50000 times per second.

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